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About Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars is a Childminding and Babysitting service based in Ewell West and is run by myself, Kelly James. I am a mummy to an energetic little boy and a former Keyworker to two children at an Autistic unit in a mainstream school. I am a reliable, caring, responsible and creative person, who loves working with children of any age and finds doing so very rewarding. I understand that each child is an individual and that every child will have different needs. I am Ofsted registered.

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Three years

Over three years working as a Nanny, Tutor and Babysitter.

Six years

Six years working within a school environment and working with students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Learning Mentor

Worked as a Learning Mentor to Post Sixteen students for one and half years.


Attended annual reviews and formulating social and academic termly target.

Role Model

Learnt the importance of being positive role model to the younger generation.


I am a full time mum



A safe, creative, homely and educational environment in which children can flourish.


Closely follow the 7 areas of learning that are outlined by the EYFS.


Deliver the curriculum within my setting, and in appropriate vocational settings, as I like to take children out and about.

Learning Journey

Provide all children in my care with a termly Learning Journey that includes photographs and descriptions of areas in which the child has developed.


A Daily Diary will also be included and will inform parents of the activities we have embarked on, and detail each child’s eating and toilet activity.

Healthy Eating

I also offer food for children in my care; a meal planner is available for parents to see. Dietary and religious needs can be catered for.